Exotic tastes of my middle aged mother!

I’d never have imagined that my Mom would like red pepper and pistachio dark chocolate but when I visited last weekend, she was raving about the new Grace Under Fire Bar.  (side note:   She must have sought this out on her own at our Waterbury Store since I didn’t give it to her!).   When I expressed my surprise about this, she reminded me how much she enjoyed the Raspberry Pink Peppercorn Truffles I gave her a few years ago in the Chocolate Obsession box.  I’d completely forgotten about that – and really thought she liked the Raspberry aspect, not the peppery taste.

I’ve always known that she is a dark chocolate freak – growing up, we would fight over the Hershey Special Dark in the bag of miniatures and I always got a dark chocolate Easter bunny.   Today, the 54% Dark Chocolate Squares are a staple in her house and the Dark Chocolate Nonpareils a must-have in her Christmas Stocking.   And she’s a huge fan of Mexican food – her best friend brings back chili peppers from New Mexico when she visits.   So it shouldn’t be a surprise to me that she likes spicy chocolate.

Lesson learned – never underestimate your Mom.     Sounds like I’ll have to stuff her stocking this year with the Organic Spicy Aztec Bars and maybe even the Spicy Aztec Hot Chocolate!