End of the Year Teacher Gifts- The Secret is Out!

As an elementary school teacher, I have secret knowledge of my “families”.  I know parents’ ages, secret family vacations coming up, who has a crush on whom and even whose baby brother is famous, within their household, for throwing sweet potato across the room.  But there is one secret I can not hold any longer.  The perfect end of the year gift for a child’s classroom teacher.  Here it  goes . . .   Chocolate.  There, I said it.  The secret is out.  You see, around this time each year, I am asked about this delicate subject.  Students will ask me point blank what I would like for a good bye or thank you gift.  Remember, I work with elementary students, tact is not developmentally appropriate at this age.  Honestly, I never know how to look into a child’s eyes and say that one word.  Now I do.  And I can even connect it to a couple of themes studied during the schoolyear.

Chocolate can be a symbolic representation of a classroom, especially when thinking of an assortment.  There are all different textures, designs and fillings with one important trait found in each treat.  Sweetness.  Plus, there is the nutritional value of dark chocolate, fruit, nuts and milk.

Of course, teachers will accept anything received.  As a group, we are not known to be picky.  However, if you really want to touch a teacher’s heart, if you really want to thank them in a way they will truly appreciate, give them chocolate. 
Remember, reading, writing and . . . chocolate!

A native Vermonter, Mary has been teaching for eleven years and often indulges in milk chocolate with nuts.