Easter Memories

One of my fondest Easter memories derives from a fight that I had on my elementary school playground with fellow second grader, John H.  This event remains clear in my mind due to its tragic ending; it was my first and last trip to the principal’s office.  Trust me… I made quite the everlasting impression on all involved that cool spring afternoon.  How embarrassing!   

So how exactly does the goody-two shoes of the second grade class end up in the principal’s office? Well during lunch recess, I happened to discover a leather egg left over from an Easter egg hunt.  Instead of keeping it to myself, I decided it was a brilliant idea to wheel and deal the egg with none other than classmate (and, might I add, villain) John H.  Boy, was that ever a mistake.  I remember after I made the trade- a dime for the egg- I desperately wanted the egg back.  As you may have already guessed, John H. was totally done with the deal and refused to give up his new prized possession.  I was forced to take the situation into my own hands and broke out some mad WWF wrestling moves on good ol’ Johnny boy.  Needless to say, my stunt did not go over well with recess monitors or my parents because both John H. and I ended up in the principal’s office.  Worst of all, in the end neither of us ended up with the egg. 

I clearly learned a lesson: who CARES about a stupid leather egg?  I mean, who would ever fight over that… smile.  Incidentally, the whole conflict would never have happened if the egg had been chocolate.  I mean seriously, make your Easter egg hunt worthwhile for participants – gourmet Easter Eggs and Chocolate Bunnies from Lake Champlain Chocolates makes the perfect gift for a child’s Easter Basket.  Trust me, you will be the hit of the Easter holiday with these delectable treats!