Earth Day & Easter

It’s not often that Earth Day and Easter fall so closely together.  While each year people pledge to do green acts such as walk to work, take shorter showers, or buy more local goods; we thought, why not incorporate Easter into your Earth Day pledge this year?
Thanks to some friends, we have a few ideas to celebrate Easter and Earth Day together:

Make Mine Chocolate is a terrific organization that educates the public on the responsibilities involved with owning a rabbit.  If you’re considering getting a rabbit for Easter, take a look at their Interactive Bun to find out if a bunny is right for you.  Not the time to get a real bunny?  Read here to find the perfect chocolate Easter bunny instead!

Grow your own Grass, Easter Grass.  Check out this cute little kit that makes growing your own grass easy as 1, 2, 3. Literally. Not only is this much better for the earth, there will be no more plastic green grass that you will find months later embedded in your rug.

Organic Chocolate Hopp’n Bunny.  New for LCC this year is our Organic Chocolate Bunny.  Meticulously hand-crafted with certified organic chocolate, this adorable bunny is packaged in compostable cellophane bags, and finished with ribbons woven from yarn made with recycled bottles.  The perfect Earth Day bunny, if I don’t say so myself.

Good Eggs.  The urban chicken farming craze is not slowing down (at least not here in VT, judging by the increasing number of chickens that wander our Burlington neighborhood) and so you should have no trouble tracking down some local, free range eggs.    Use local, organic, and/or free range both for Easter brunch and for coloring your Easter eggs!

We’d love to hear how you’re incorporating Earth Day into Easter this year!