Earth Day 2010

If you haven’t heard yet, Earth Day is today, April 22nd.   Having visited a few times this week, the site lists small actions you can take to make a difference- unplug electronics when you are not using them, recycle, eat local food or use less water. 

Here at Lake Champlain Chocolates many of these environmental practices we’ve been doing for years, really since 1983 when we began, and are an integral part of who we are as a company.

This past year we launched a series called Our Local Secret.  We decided it was high time to celebrate all of our local partners in Vermont who provide wonderfully fresh, natural ingredients that make our chocolates so unique and delicious.   Earth Day seemed like a perfect opportunity to revisit these indispensible partners and friends we have here in Vermont.

Fresh Cultured Butter from our friends at Vermont Butter & Cheese Creamery– used in our Truffles, Maple Crunch and Almond Butter Crunch.


Different varieties of Vermont honey displayed at our Honey & Chocolate tasting provided by Bill Mares of the Vermont Beekeepers Association- used in our Honey Caramel and Caramel Five Star Bar.


Pure Vermont Maple Syrup– Liquid Gold!  Used in our Maple Crunch, Granola Five Star Bar and Maple Pecan Ice Cream.


Monument Farms Dairy– We use their heavy cream in all of our Caramels, Truffles and our Maple Pecan Ice Cream.

By working with these producers, we are creating jobs in our local economy, supporting sustainable agriculture, preserving an important way of life in Vermont and keeping our carbon footprint to a minimum by using ingredients so close to home.

We truly would not be the company we are without these amazing partners!

Happy Earth Day to all!