Do you want some more?

Do you want some more? Apparently the answer is always a resounding yes when it comes to graham crackers, marshmallows, and all sorts of chocolates, especially during summertime. Originally, s’mores were invented as a “gather ’round the campfire” sort of snack, and the very first s’mores recipe was published in the 1927 Girl Scouts manual “Tramping and Trailing with the Girl Scouts.”

Flash forward to today in Burlington, VT at Lake Champlain Chocolates. We’ve got handmade s’mores just in time to savor what’s left of the glorious summertime! Come down to any of our locations at Pine St., Church St, or Waterbury and pick up some house made graham crackers and marshmallows for your next shindig! Plus, the best part is that you get to select from any of our chocolates. If you are a milk chocolate person, we’ve got it! If you’re into the new Grace Potter bar with tons of heat and spice, we’ve got it! I’ve also found the hazelnut praline bar tastes particularly good on a s’more. Just sayin’. Either way, create a s’more your way, and enjoy the warmth of friends and summer.

Last Friday we decided in honor of the launch and National S’Mores Day we couldn’t resist testing them out. We hauled in the firepit, invited our friends here, and went s’more crazy. With marshmallows caramelizing, chocolate melting, and conversation going, it was simply sublime. I hope these photos inspire you to gather ’round the fire, create your own perfect s’more, and keep eating until you want n’more.