Do you ever get sick of chocolate?

During the course of a normal day here at Lake Champlain Chocolates, visitors inevitably ask “Do you ever get sick of chocolate?” It’s one of our favorite questions which is a good thing since we hear it so frequently. It’s innocent enough. We’re completely surrounded by dark chocolate, milk chocolate, chocolate truffles, homemade chocolate ice cream and more everywhere you look. Usually we’ll answer with a chuckle and say “Oh no, never” which is then followed by a shared discussion of our mutual love for chocolate.

So, sitting at my desk, I decided to give it more thought. I tried to imagine if I could possibly ever get sick of chocolate. Would there ever come a moment when I would look at a glossy piece of dark chocolate and feel nothing? Was it only a matter of time until the site of a vanilla malt chocolate truffle did nothing to me? I have to be honest with you when I say I shuddered with fear that I could ever be sick of chocolate. Would I have to rethink my career choice? So, I asked some of my coworkers who have been here longer.

– “Even after working here for 3 years, absolutely not (I eat it every day)!”
– “Nope.”
– “Only when I eat the whole box.”

In considering how much chocolate I might snack on in a day, I find it a modest amount and really with the purpose of keeping me in good heart health. (They say a little dark chocolate each day is healthy. I’m sticking with whoever “they” are. They’re my kind of people.) And as I write this, I can’t help but peek over my shoulder at the most recent supply of fresh chocolate covered raisins sitting in the sampling area here in our office. It’s a mere four feet away and it’s all I can do to not sneak over to taste a few morsels of their yummy chocolatey goodness.

So after careful review of the question “Do you ever get sick of chocolate?” I can answer with an honest and resounding no. I’ll never get sick of chocolate. Would you?