Do you still like chocolate? Those and other interesting questions we hear in our retail stores.


When you work in retail, especially in a chocolate shop, you answer lots of questions. They range from, “What’s your favorite chocolate?” to, “Where is the restroom?” In our Factory Store on Pine Street in Burlington, we’ve started to notice a few frequently asked trends (and have kept track of some of the questions that really make us giggle). We’ll share some here, but please keep on asking!

Do you still like chocolate? (Or, more often, a statement similar to, “You must be sick of chocolate”).
We do! Despite being surrounded by it every day, our entire staff still absolutely loves to eat chocolate (and smell it, and look at it…). You’ll probably even catch us snacking. We like to call eating on the job “Quality Control.” Someone has to make sure it tastes perfect!

Is it hard to work here and resist eating everything?
It definitely is. The key to resisting chocolate at 9 am is a good breakfast, but sometimes the Granola Five-Star Bar is the only breakfast we want. It has maple granola in it, so it’s justified – right? Fudge for lunch, milkshakes for dinner… it really is a struggle sometimes.

What’s your favorite snack?
Each one of us has a different favorite (or several constantly changing favorites), but there are some we all agree on. If you ask us for a suggestion, you’ll probably leave with Almond Butter Crunch, Dark Salted Caramels, and Grace Under Fire. We may not let you exit the store without trying a sample of our Chocolate Hazelnut Ice Cream. We find that everything washes down nicely with an Angry Aztec (our Aztec Hot Chocolate with Espresso), which is a favorite “staff creation.” Really, all you have to do to make a “staff creation” is add espresso. We’re a highly-caffeinated bunch.

Why are Factory Seconds considered ‘seconds?’
Our most frequent response is, “If you eat them with your eyes closed, you can’t tell the difference.” Seconds are chocolates with cosmetic imperfections, and it’s usually something as silly as a wrongly colored wrapper. We love seconds, and so do a lot of our regulars!

Finally, some of our favorite (less-frequently asked) questions:
Why does your bathroom smell like chocolate?
Where do you keep the Oompa Loompas?
Do the chocolate bunnies come alive at night?
Who gets to eat the chocolate that ends up on the floor?