Do something good for yourself and the planet. Earth Day and Organic Chocolate


What are you going to do for Earth Day this year?  It’s this Wednesday April 22nd so you only have another couple days to figure it out.  There are plenty of websites, books, and media out there giving all sorts of good ideas.  Stop using plastic bags at the grocery store and bring your own reusable bags. Start walking to work.  Buy recycled. Replace your conventional lightbulbs.  

Being a chocolate company, I thought we should focus on food. Food is probably not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Earth Day.  However, whether we realize it or not, food is one of our most direct links to the land on which we live. With the localvore movement, farmer’s markets and books like the Omnivore Dilemma, that link, between our food and the land, which for years has been completely lost (do you know where all your food for lunch came from and what ingredients were used?) is starting to resurface.  Today issues such as climate change and water supply cannot be discussed without also talking about our food supply and the role it plays in our environment.

So getting back to chocolate, and specifically organic chocolate.  Lake Champlain Chocolates’ certified Organic Chocolates ensure that sustainable farming practices are being used when growing and cultivating cocoa.  This results in a clean and safe water supply, wildlife protection, and soil management and conservation.  In short, using organic ingredients helps the earth.  And in turn, you are only getting the good stuff that goes into the chocolate, the way nature intended.

This is not to say the rest of our chocolates are not full of goodness.  At LCC all of our chocolates are handmade from the freshest, all-natural ingredients many of which are local to Vermont where our chocolates are made, including honey, heavy cream and maple syrup. Even our packaging is locally sourced!  So whether you decide to treat yourself to an organic truffle or to some chocolate peanut butter cups after you walk or bike home from work on Wednesday (hint, hint), either way you are supporting food that benefits our community and the earth.  Who knew eating chocolate could be so empowering?

Happy Earth Day!

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