Corporate Gifts – “What Do I Do This Year?”

It may seem early to be thinking about Christmas but I am one of those people known to buy gifts in the middle of Summer when something catches my eye. Truth be told, know how crazy my life gets around here come December. The last thing I’ll have time to think about is what kind of a corporate gift to send my team of 50 sales reps for Christmas. If I don’t figure it out in the next month, it just won’t happen (or I’ll have to send something easy like a box of chocolate!). If only I didn’t work for a chocolate company, then I could send chocolate and be the hero. But, a sales rep who generally has a full set of sales samples and endless supplies of chocolate at any given moment really wouldn’t get too excited about chocolate like an ordinary person would.

Last year, I sent Lake Champlain Chocolates logo water bottles (actually filled with chocolates which they did seem to really appreciate). I got great reviews about how often they think of LCC when they are driving in their car drinking out of our bottle. One year I sent embroidered apparel but the problem with that is inevitably you insult someone by sending the wrong size. And, they aren’t willing to call you up and say “hey – it was too small!”. Instead it probably sits in a closet unworn (or hopefully passed along to another appreciative owner). Handcrafted Vermont wooden recipe boxes were a gift one year but I do wonder what happened to those. Some probably thought “oh goodie – something to dust!” while others who aren’t avid cooks probably didn’t know what to do with it.

Probably the best gift of all they receive is the thoughtful, handwritten personalized card that I include with each gift thanking them for their commitment and passion for our chocolates. And if that’s the case, maybe I should consider sending them chocolates after all! I welcome any ideas out there to solve this dilemma!