Chocolate Ties for Father’s Day

Don’t buy Dad another tie this year. Buy him a chocolate tie instead!

This year Emily Walton, Lake Champlain Chocolates’ famed chocolate sculptor, is again whipping up our chocolate take on this traditional Father’s Day gift. I spoke with Emily to find out some of her sculpting secrets and to learn about the process.

“The process starts with our tie molds which come out but once a year. The molds are filled by our chocolatiers with either dark or milk chocolate, and then moved into the cold room held at a constant 50 degrees. What’s the difference between a cold room and refrigerator? Unlike a refrigerator, a cold room has zero humidity. Humidity is a natural enemy to chocolate storage and can easily affect the stability of the chocolate often times leading to bloom (the term for the white crystals that can form on the surface of chocolate). It takes about 30 minutes for the chocolate to set.  Once this is complete, the chocolates are removed from the mold and are ready for the last step, designing the pattern.  This is the hardest step of all! Coming up with new designs each year for tie patterns can be a struggle”.   Each tie is personally handcrafted by Emily using Milk, Dark and White chocolate highlights. A pastry bag filled with 90 degree chocolate is her paintbrush. I asked Emily if she needed to draw out the designs before she attempts to paint them. Impressively Emily responded “I just do it by eye”.

Emily’s one piece of advice “you need a steady hand.” 

Emily really nailed it this year!  There are many different ties to choose from, including sail boat ties, golf ties, fishing ties, tool ties, money ties, paw print ties, traditional #1 Dad ties, and numerous graphic patterns. Also, new for this year and Emily’s favorite is the grilling tie, featuring a couple of burgers on the grill with white chocolate smoke rising above.

Still don’t see one your Dad will like?  Post a comment here, and I’ll pass it along to Emily…who knows, maybe yours will be her new favorite!

Right now, Emily is showcasing/selling her creations at our Pine St, Church St and Waterbury locations.  Each tie is about 8 oz of chocolate and can be bought for $18.  And best of all, these ties won’t end up in the back of Dad’s closet!

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