There is another way to shop for your favorite gourmet chocolates now. 

A lot of people know us because they visited one of our three company stores in Vermont.  Perhaps they received a gift and now shop online or they discovered us at their local specialty food store or at the cash register in Whole Foods.  Maybe you look forward to receiving our catalogs each season. Well, now you can discover and purchase our chocolate one more way- through Catalog Spree.  It’s the same beautiful catalog you receive in the mail—but online!  I know what you’re thinking, that’s called a website. Read on, it’s not a website.

In the words of our friends at Catalog Spree:  “It’s your mobile catalog shopping app – browse, shop, subscribe and share all your favorite brands… and discover new ones right on your iPad. And give your mailbox a break!”

You flip pages like you would an actual catalog and it’s a very pleasant shopping experience.  I can’t explain why, but it just is. And instead of loading up your recycling bin with catalog after catalog, just browse to your heart’s content on Catalog Spree with nothing cluttering up your kitchen counter.  See something you want to buy?  Just click and it will bring you right to the website page where you can purchase the item!  It’s pretty slick.  So slick, Ellen DeGeneres mentioned it on her show last month. 

Need some more coaxing?  We’re in great company, with over 100 catalogs including Nordstrom, Sundance and Omaha Steaks.  Plus you can enter all sorts of sweepstakes – including chocolate delivered to your door every month for 9 months!  Don’t have an Ipad?  You can still enter all of the amazing sweepstakes, just click here.  Give it a try- this is one app that you will actually use!