Chocolate Made From Scratch


Crankenstein.  Refiner. Winnower.  Sour. Spicy. Earthy.  Fruity. 

What do these things have to do with chocolate?

We are thrilled to present a rare opportunity to see chocolate being made from bean to chocolate bar.  

Blue Bandana Chocolate Maker, a fresh approach to making chocolate at LCC, will have table top equipment (like a crankenstein) to demonstrate how raw cocoa beans are transformed into finished chocolate. 

We talked briefly with Eric Lampman, son of LCC founder Jim Lampman, about how Blue Bandana Chocolate maker came about.

The real adventure began in November 2009, on a trip to visit my first cocoa farm, in the Dominican Republic. After a quarter century of growing up a part of Lake Champlain Chocolates, I finally found myself on the front-end of the cocoa supply chain. I wanted to learn more about chocolate processing, and so I began with a few small pieces of equipment to make test batches of chocolate and refine my technique.

After exploring cocoa beans from six different countries, I settled on three exceptional dark chocolates:  Madagascar 70%, Guatemala 70% and Madagascar Wild Pepper.”

Slow Food Vermont will also be on hand to guide participants through a sensory journey while tasting these three new bars.  Madagascar 70% and Guatemala 70% may sound similar on paper, but your taste buds will tell you differently!

Here are the details:  ongoing form 12-4pm at our Factory and Retail Store at 750 Pine Street in Burlington.

Come be one of the first to taste Blue Bandana Chocolate Maker!