Chocolate Gifts to Give With Your Chocolate Gifts

I’m not a chocoholic. I admit it. I know true chocoholics and I pale in comparison when it comes to the lengths and heights they will go for good chocolate. I am a sugaraholic though and chocolate falls into that category. I just don’t discriminate between candies. Truffles, candy corn, chocolate bars, jelly beans, bubble gum – they need only be tasty to me and I’ll eat them.

I do, however, have serious chocoholics on my holiday shopping list and while they can be sure they’ll be getting lots of Lake Champlain Chocolates, I realize I need to find some non-chocolate items to fill their stockings and round out their gifts. So, I went on a hunt for inedible chocolate themed gifts my chocoholic friends would love. I assume you, too, have chocoholics on your list (including yourself) so I thought I’d share what I find. Then you can accent your gifts of Lake Champlain Chocolates with other fun chocolatey items.

The first items I found were these adorable “chocolate” soaps from Sudz N Bubbles. Of course you can’t eat them but at first glance, you’d like to. They come shaped like pies and cupcakes and cleverly packaged. The slice of chocolate crème pie soap even comes in a plastic individual pie serving container. They smell like black forest cake, chocolate cake, raspberry truffle and more. Check them out online at And if you use the code RUDYS when you checkout, you can save 10% on your entire order through the end of the year.

Imagine taking a bath with chocolate scented soaps and eating Lake Champlain Chocolate truffles. Just be sure you don’t mix the two up.

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