Chocolate Fashion – “I’m too sexy for my chocolate…”

I promised video of the Lake Champlain Chocolates’ chocolate fashions and here you are. While it doesn’t show the behind the scenes making of these fashions (that video will need a little extra work I’m sorry to say) it does give a more comprehensive picture of just what chocolate fashion can look like.

These pieces, created by our chocolate sculptor Emily Walton Jones, are made entirely of 100% edible chocolate – the exact same chocolate you find in our chocolate bars and confections. In fact, the milk chocolate is the same as our 34% cocoa content Signature Milk Chocolate Bar and the dark is our 54% cocoa content Signature Dark Chocolate Bar. There is no molding chocolate and there are no inedible pieces holding them together. Amazing, no?

While no one has actually attempted to don one these outfits, I can’t help but think how fun it’d be to try. Come on. Admit it. You were thinking the same thing!