Chocolate Covered Orange Peels

It takes three days to craft these sweet, citrus chocolates, but one bite makes it all worth it!

1. Our orange peels start as fresh oranges that we peel by hand. Next, the oranges are blanched in boiling water three times to remove any impurities in the peels as well as most of the bitter flavor.

2. After that, the oranges are cooked in a sugar syrup for about an hour and a half on a slow simmer to allow the sugar to absorb into the peels. Once the sugar has fully absorbed into the peels, they’re removed from the heat and allowed to sit in the syrup overnight to ensure the sugar concentration is at its peak.The next day, the peels are cut into strips by hand and dried in a low temperature oven to remove excess moisture.

Now for the chocolate…

3. The next day the peels are enrobed in 54% dark chocolate. This is a two step process- first, the chocolates are coated on one side then flipped and coated on the other for maximum chocolate coverage, which is very important! 

4. We let the chocolate set and then they’re ready for you to enjoy!