Where do Chocolate Easter Bunnies Come From?

There are oh so many places where chocolate Easter bunnies are made.   We prefer to tell it like it is: you can’t get any better than our chocolate bunnies.  Made with Fair trade certified chocolate. Fresh in Vermont. Hand poured with love and care. And let’s face it, most parents steal from their kid’s Easter stash, so why would you want to put anything else in your Easter Basket?  Well, except maybe a couple chocolate carrots so the bunny doesn’t get hungry.

Easter is early this year and there will still be some snow on the ground in a lot of places come April 5, but just seeing chocolate  Easter bunnies, colorful foiled eggs, jelly beans and yes, even that annoying plastic grass (although here is an alternative or better yet, grow your own!) means winter really is coming to an end.  Who knows, maybe some of us will even have some real green grass to enjoy come Easter Sunday!