Chocolate & Beer Pairing: A Rock Star’s Candy Bar & Some English Hops

 It’s pretty cool when you’re from the same state as a famous rock star.  It’s even cooler when she wants to come hang out and create her very own chocolate bar. 

If you haven’t heard of Grace Potter & The Nocturnals yet – you can check them out here. here or here.  They’re from our own backyard and we were thrilled when they approached us to help produce a limited edition chocolate bar with their name on it. 

We were so pleased with the final product, that we knew we needed to include it in this year’s Brewfest pairings.  So we paired Magic Hat’s Blind Faith (ABV: 6.2%) with our Grace Under Fire Bar.  Unlike most of our pairings where the flavor profiles of the beer and the chocolate match up – (like choosing beers with chocolate undertones, for example) – this pairing boasts contrasting flavors, and boy was it amazing.

Blind Faith is one of Magic Hat’s two IPAs.  IPA or India Pale Ale is a beer of English origin, originally brewed for voyages to India, and if you’ve ever noticed how extremely hoppy it is, it’s because hops acted as a natural preservative for the long trip in the 19th century.  Nothing like a history lesson with your chocolate and beer!

It seems like IPAs are still a favorite in the world of brewers today.  Blind Faith is deeply malty, crisp and has a couple different types of hops – making it pretty bitter.  Paired with Grace Under Fire, with its salty pistachios and spicy red pepper flakes in 54% dark chocolate, you get a fabulous combination of all five basic taste profiles!  Sweet chocolate, salty pistachios, spicy red pepper and sour and bitter from the deliciously hoppy beer!  Cheers!