Chocolate Beer: A Vermont Partnership


Without further delay, here is beer and chocolate pairing number two from the Brewer’s Festival.

Last spring our friends at VT Pub & Brewery gave us a call and said they wanted to try brewing a chocolate stout and wondered if we would be interested in providing them with our gourmet chocolate.  We spent, oh about, one second thinking about it before we said “of course!”

And so the Lake Champlain Chocolates Stout was born.  Brewed with Madagascar cocoa nibs roasted here at LCC, this stout is the Pub’s first beer to go through the experimental line three times and move to 14BBL production!  Rich, dark, smooth and sweet, this is a full-bodied milk stout.  We’ve been a big fan of this beer since we first tasted in April 2011, but we had yet to try a pairing until this year’s Brewer’s Festival.

We found the organic butter and heavy cream in our Organic Vanilla Truffle was the perfect complement this milk stout and the deep, roasty, chocolate flavors blended nicely with the Madagascar bourbon vanilla. 

A chocolate beer and a chocolate truffle: this pairing proves you can never have too much chocolate!