Chocolate as a comfort food

I’ve always used food as a source of comfort and with that, I know I’m not alone. Truth be told, the most comforting food to me is chocolate. Funny thing is, I never realized it until a funny thing happened to me on the way through my work week.

You see, the weather here in New England can be pretty testy and by that, I mean it can really test your patience! So here it was, the middle of summer, and a cool front moves in complete with three days of heavy rain. I know I shouldn’t complain about the weather with the rest of the country battling serious climatic challenges but sometimes it’s hard to step outside of our own little world.

So, after a few days of dreary grey and cool temperatures, my nerves were on edge and my bones were a bit chilled. It was then I struck on such a crazy idea for the middle of summer – go over to our café and get a hot chocolate. I almost resisted as it just seemed wrong. Hot Chocolate is for winter. It’s for days when the snowboarding is done and a treat is in store. Certainly it’s not for a summer afternoon. Is it? Well, let me tell you my friend, here in Vermont, Hot Chocolate can be for a summer afternoon.

I had a cup of our Traditional Hot Chocolate and the girls in the café steamed the milk so nicely, it was an amazing boost to my spirit. It sweetened my edgy demeanor and took the chill off my dismal outlook and the rest of the day – no problem. It was the perfect attitude adjustment when nothing else would work. I think everyone should keep a bit of emergency chocolate tucked away someplace safe for just that moment when nothing else is going to help. In fact, I bet chocolate is more of a comfort food in your world than you think.