Chocolate and Your Health – Again?!

You can’t swing a dead cat without hitting upon an article about the health benefits of chocolate. Sure, it’s no use to the dead cat but if you believe the reports, it can be of benefit to us. And while I’m not a doctor (really?!?!) I have been hunting around to find some more info on chocolate and health. So, below are links to a few articles you might find interesting as they relate to your health. I don’t know if they’re true or not but I did try to use sources that might have some reputability, for what it’s worth. I’ll share more as I come across them.

Let’s begin with the basics, chocolate and antioxidants. Prevention magazine ran an article a while back entitled Chocolate's Secret Power and I think it bears revisiting. And since they picked our 54% dark chocolate as one of their favorites, I'm kind of partial to it. 

The next link is about chocolate and its relation to blood pressure. It’s an article from WebMD entitled Chocolate Lowers Blood Pressure. I’d suggest the Select Origins Square Sampler here to snack on while reading as it comes with an assortment of dark chocolates in varying levels of cocoa content. Might as well begin the process of lowering that blood pressure as soon as possible, right?

Now comes my favorite topic (and probably the most debated) – chocolate and your mood. Does chocolate really make you feel the same as you do when you’re in love? Who knows since love is such a subjective thing but here is an article from the BBC entitled Why Chocolate Makes Us Feel Good. I’d bet we’re supposed to go with dark chocolate here again so how about some dark chocolate truffles? Nothing says love like truffles, right?!

When it comes to health and chocolate, my advice is glean from the articles what makes sense to you, eat chocolate in moderation and give up on feeling guilty about it because the guilt will kill you faster than anything!