Chocolate and Beer – The Saga Continues…

For those of you who are on the edge of your seat awaiting more info about Chocolate and Beer (and I know there are scores of you…) your wait is nearly over. Gary Coffey, our Retail Sales Director, will be hosting a Chocolate and Beer pairing as part of this year’s Vermont Brewers Festival, July 18-19 at Waterfront Park in Burlington. I can’t tell you exactly which chocolates and beers he’ll be matching up for you as we’re still tweaking the final pairings (and by tweaking I mean hanging out after work and noshing on chocolate and beer.) Besides, if I told you, it’d ruin the surprise.

So, here are the details which are also available online at the Vermont Brewers Fest website . The Chocolate and Beer Pairing will take place Friday, July 18 at 8pm in the Education Tent at the Festival. Capacity is limited so definitely arrive early to be sure there’s space. Admission to the Chocolate and Beer Pairing is free once you enter the Festival.

If you’ve never been to the Vermont Brewers Festival, you should really try to make it. It’s a great time down on the Lake and with so many beers to sample, you certainly won’t be bored. See you on the Waterfront!