Chocolate and Almonds

Chocolate and almonds, almonds and chocolate — you can’t go wrong with the savory-sweet pairing of golden roasted almonds and rich chocolate.  In honor of National Chocolate with Almonds Day, here are just a few of our favorite products that embrace this classic pairing.

Dark Almond Bark

Simple and straight forward — thick slabs of rich, fair trade, dark chocolate packed with roasted almonds.  If you need something a little smaller, this treat also comes in convenient, snack-sized squares.

dark chocolate almond bark

Caramel Five Star Bar

Don’t let it’s size deceive you, this bar is packed with serious flavor and loaded with delicious inclusions.  This long-time customer favorite features rich, golden caramel and crunchy roasted almonds covered in smooth milk chocolate.

Milk Chocolate Sea Salt & Almonds Bar

Salty, sweet, and surprisingly satisfying.  Made with an organic “dark-milk” chocolate blend,
roasted almonds and a sprinkling of sea salt.  (We’ll understand if you don’t want to share.)


Almond Butter Crunch

A Vermont take on the classic English toffee — handcrafted from local butter, fresh cream and cooked to perfection with a coating of milk chocolate and a double dose of almonds. Crunchy, sweet, and oh so delicious.


Triple Nut Bar

What’s better than one nut?  How about three!  Chunks of roasted almond, pistachios and cashews blend together in a rich, milk chocolate bar to create a nut-lover’s dream.   This is one bar you’ll go nuts over!


Dark Almond Caramel Clusters

Rich, golden caramel is slow-cooked in copper kettles before getting deposited on a bed of whole roasted almonds.  Then this handcrafted confection makes a trip through our chocolate enrober to get coated in semisweet dark chocolate.  So, whether you call them turtles or clusters, each bite is sure to delight!


Granola Five Star Bar

Experience a tantalizing combination of rolled oats, maple syrup, cranberries, and almonds all suspended in a smooth chocolate-almond filling, then covered in 54% cocoa content dark chocolate.  One bite and you will know why we wrap them in gold.

Almond Butter Crunch Ice Cream

No summer would be complete without a mouthwatering cone of ice cream.  On your next visit to Vermont, be sure to stop in one of our retail stores and try this staff favorite – toffee and chocolate coated almonds whipped into award-winning vanilla bean ice cream.