Celebrity fun on Church Street in Burlington!

It felt more like New York or LA this past Sunday afternoon on the Church Street Marketplace and I was part of the paparazzi with my camera.    Passers-by were curious what was going on as a crowd developed on the street.  Some commented “is that the line for ice cream?” (thankfully, it wasn’t!)   After an amazing concert the night before on the waterfront where the Vermont night sky was rivaled only by Grace and her band’s energetic performance, Grace graciously came to our retail store for a last minute signing for her loyal fans.

A rally of 800 motorcycles cruised up the street while the lineup of fans anticipated Grace Potter’s arrival from Leunig’s.  Some came more than an hour early to be the first in line to get an autograph.

Grace’s proud Dad, Sparky, was there grinning from ear to ear capturing the event on film while sporting a St. Lawrence University baseball cap. 

A group of St. Lawrence gals came by with student IDs for Grace to sign. 

Another group sported snappy sandals that caught the eye of Grace (they were heading to Sweet Lady Jane’s next!).  

Many fans brought old concert posters, ticket stubs, and t-shirts to be signed while others bought a Grace Under Fire Chocolate Bar or the latest CD as a souvenir. 

All were eager to create their own memorabilia by capturing a photo with Grace including our own, Gary Coffey and Fran Tobin!

Thanks to Grace and Matt for making a sweet stop at LCC with their families on their very busy weekend in Vermont –we’re very fortunate to have such down-to-earth, fun local celebrities!

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