Celebrating Earth Day, Every Day

As a locally-owned Vermont company that sources ingredients from all around the globe, we are focused on continuous improvements and recognize that the choices we make affect people, our products and our planet.

We are committed to making a positive impact on our local and global communities by:

Seeking out the best and freshest ingredients and sourcing non-GMO ingredients and using organic ingredients whenever possible

Respecting the labor right of our employees and fostering long term partnerships 

Acting as good citizens, enhancing opportunities within communities and practicing environmental responsibility.

Looking back over the past year, there is a lot to celebrate on this Earth Day.   In March 2013, LCC achieved Fair for Life Social and Fair Trade Certification– a huge accomplishment involving people at every level of our company.   We’ve also completed efforts to source non-GMO ingredients and 95% of the chocolate we use is now fair trade certified.

While our work is never done, today is a good day to look back and see all that has been accomplished by our team of people here and what exciting opportunities lie ahead!  Happy Earth Day!