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Is dark chocolate good for you?

I keep reading in the news these days about dark chocolate being good for your heart. The experts tell us that just one ounce of dark chocolate can help lower your LDL, raise your HDL, reduce clotting and even keep arteries flexible and increase bloodflow. Big job for just a little bit of dark chocolate. […]

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Chocolate as a comfort food

I’ve always used food as a source of comfort and with that, I know I’m not alone. Truth be told, the most comforting food to me is chocolate. Funny thing is, I never realized it until a funny thing happened to me on the way through my work week. You see, the weather here in […]

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Holy Cow! We have pre-packed Ice Cream Pints to go?!

I have to admit, I have a weakness for Ice Cream. You read this and nod your head, I know, because you’re in the same boat. Right? I simply cannot resist a super creamy, high quality vanilla ice cream sundae with chocolate sauce and whipped cream. I see a malt shop and I can already […]

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