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Partnerships Make Great Chocolate

Ghana 2007 My first strip to origin was nine years ago with my dad.  We were off to Ghana, the land of cocoa with some other members of the World Cocoa Foundation.  With Ghana being the second largest cocoa exporter in the world, there was a lot of cocoa to see.  I knew good quality […]

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Response to Lead & Cadmium in our Chocolate

There has been a lot of buzz in the media about high levels of lead and cadmium found in chocolate. Please read below for our response and for further explanation on this issue.  If after reading the below statement you still have concerns, please feel free to call us 800-465-5909 and we would be happy […]

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The Best Hot Chocolate Bar

Yes, we are known for our decadent truffles, salted caramels and to-die-for Five Star Bars.  But did you know we also have the best gourmet hot chocolate bar in town? (Or maybe even in the country? Travel + Leisure did call our hot chocolate “America’s BEST.“) If you have been to one of our three […]

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Pumpkin Spice Done Right

Yes, we have a spiced pumpkin truffle.  And it’s delicious (ok, amazing).  But we want to be clear, this is no “let’s jump on the pumpkin spice-obsessed bandwagon.”  We’ve been making this truffle for over 20 years!  It’s always nice to be ahead of your time.  Back in the 90s it just made sense to make a […]

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Take your Best BunnySelfie

Easter is all about the bunny.  And specifically chocolate bunnies.  Everyone has a chocolate bunny in their basket come Easter morning.   LCC has some pretty adorable bunnies (see how they are made here) and it’s kind of a shame that they are appreciated for only a short time before they are devoured a few moments […]

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Caramel apples at the Church Street Marketplace store.

How to Make Caramel Apples

Make your Own Caramel Apples Macintosh apples in the fall in Vermont are just about the best thing ever.   You know what we mean: fresh, crisp, tart.  Mmmm.  Hard to beat.   But not impossible.  Sometimes you need a little sweet to balance all that tartness.    Enter the caramel apple.   With real caramel.  Dipped in nuts.  […]

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Chocolate- Medically Proven to Make Life Better.

What we hope for, more than anything else here at LCC, is that our chocolates inspire happiness in people.   So we were thrilled when we heard about University of Vermont medical student Ross Sayadi.  Here is his story: Looking back on my first year at the University of Vermont Medical School, I clearly remember an interesting […]

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Fair Trade First Hand

Our Director of Sales, Allyson Myers, travelled to the Dominican Republic with Fair Trade USA this week for the World Cocoa Foundation meeting. On her trip she attended a Fair Trade Farm Tour and saw firsthand how fair trade dollars impact cocoa communities. Does Fair Trade really make an impact in the lives of farmers? […]

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Super Fresh Chocolates

Over the years we’ve shared our tips on how to store your chocolate so it stays fresh.  You might ask- who stores chocolate?  Isn’t it for eating?  Well, maybe the Easter Bunny went overboard this year, or perhaps you’d like to stock up on your favorites so you always have a Five Star Caramel bar […]

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Valentine’s Chocolates: What to get for a FRIEND?

There are all sorts of love, from the romantic kind to the familial type, and you should celebrate every kind of love on Valentine’s Day. So why not make sure you get something for your best friend? If you’re thinking that it can be a little odd to send a friend a red heart-shaped box […]

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