Catalog Photo Shoot – Behind the Scenes

A big chunk of our summer each year is spent putting together our year round and holiday catalogs.  So while most of you are heading off to the beach, summer camp, or hiking in the mountains, we are taking photos of chocolate.  Chocolate in boxes, chocolate on a plate, chocolate in a bowl, chocolate santas, chocolate turkeys.   You get the idea, we’re taking a lot of pictures of chocolate.

We painstakingly pick the most perfect truffles we can find, arrange the ribbon on the box just so, and choose the right surface, all to make the chocolates look so delicious they practically jump off the page.

In just another month or so you will see in your mailbox the result of our hard work.  Some of the beauties that really stood out this year include a stack of chocolate bark.  Bark doesn’t always get the attention it deserves, but we’re about to change that.  If this photo of bark doesn’t make you want to try some, well then, I guess bark isn’t for you.

Another shot I found quite stunning is our cover, featuring two new caramels, in addition to our Sea Salt Caramels.  You’ll have to wait just another month to hear what those two new caramels are and to see our new cover….

Then there are the gift baskets, always the most challenging.  I don’t know how our packagers manage to arrange the products so perfectly in those baskets each and every time.  What I do know is that we are constantly adjusting when it comes to the baskets- the Selection box sits up too high, the Five Star Bar sits too low, that ribbon looks odd- really, we could spend all day tweaking, but in the end we always manage to get a shot everyone is happy with.

Finally, I’m pleased with our wedding favor photo.   With two new favor boxes and lots of new ribbon colors, we were able to capture the elegance and simplicity of our chocolate favors while also showing all of our fabulous new options. 

Enjoy the photos, knowing more will be showing up in your mailbox very soon!