Calling all Schools and Community Groups – Easy Fundraising!

I know one of my co-workers blogged about this a little while back but now that sports and youth programs are really kicking in, I’m getting a fair number of questions about fundraising opportunities with Lake Champlain Chocolates and I thought it beared repeating. We all have to deal with fundraising with our kids at some point, even those of us without children. Who hasn’t walked into their office break room to find a fundraiser form selling gift wrap or popcorn?

Well, we teamed up with Vermont fundraising group Red Barn Fundraising to offer a few of our products – specifically, our Chocolates of Vermont, Hot Chocolate, and Five Star Bars. I know you’re wondering how any group can sell just three items but see, the beauty of the program is that there are a few other Vermont companies participating and combined with their items, there is a really great selection of high-quality but affordable products. I’m talking about companies like King Arthur Flour and Rhino Foods, to use as an example.

So, if you’re looking for new ideas for your child’s school fundraiser or your community group is wanting to do something fresh, check out Red Barn Fundraising. They’re based out of Hinesburg and just great people. Trust me, I went to school with one of them! Good luck with your fundraising!

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