Breakfast of Chocolate Champions


Admit it.  You’ve had chocolate for breakfast.  No self-respecting chocolate lover can really say otherwise.  It’s not something one tends to announce or have out in the open- more of a sneak here and there with your cup of coffee.  I’m not talking about chocolate hidden in a muffin or pancakes; I’m talking straight up chocolate.

There are a few occasions when indulging in chocolate first thing in the morning is seen as acceptable- mostly holidays and then maybe your birthday?  But even then you might get some flack ….you know the comments “Starting a little early huh?” “Chocolate ALREADY?” or my favorite “That’s gonna catch up with you someday.”

Easter morning is one of the precious times where everyone is eating Easter candy while still lounging in their pajamas.  It’s just not that easy to bite into a chocolate bunny on the sly so why try?   And now, for those of you who might still feel a tiny bit guilty about enjoying delicious chocolate before 9am, Lake Champlain Chocolates has the aptly named Granola Breakfast Egg just for you.

With our homemade maple granola blended with dark chocolate, it is what we like to call “a healthy indulgence.”  After all it does have pure Vermont Maple Syrup and granola made with almonds, oats and cranberries, and it IS an egg: all squarely in the breakfast camp.  So what if it’s a chocolate egg– details, details. 

So this Easter, have your egg AND your chocolate for breakfast.   You deserve it.

Granola not your thing?  We have a Peanut Butter Breakfast Egg too!