Behind these Chocolate Walls

Well, here I am. I’m sitting in the office of Vermont’s well known chocolate factory, Lake Champlain Chocolates. This is seriously a dream. I still don’t know how the staff even let me in the door let alone allowed me to eat their chocolates. But hey, long story short I’m the new intern and I love it.

First, let’s get things straight. I’ve never been one of those ‘chocoholics’ as they’re referred to. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy chocolate but I didn’t take this internship just so I could eat chocolate until I got sick. To be honest, I have lived without chocolate before and have been fully functional. I did however; take this internship because all chocolate aside, this company is absolutely amazing. The staff is friendly, the work environment is great and hey, you can’t go wrong with a little chocolate. Let me tell you something. When I first went for my interview I was worried about what I was getting myself into. The factory location on Pine Street is getting a bit of a face lift so offices are moving and well, things are kind of everywhere. (Which is shocking because the company is still so organized!) Being a first time intern, I only imagined tedious paper work, heavy lifting of boxes, and pretty much any grunt work that people often pass on to interns. This was not the case at all.

My first project was getting to know the company. I was giving a factory tour, had some chocolate tasting, (I know, this all sounds so horrible doesn’t it?) and met the wonderful staff. I was assigned to a computer and I was off. Now don’t get me wrong. I fully take advantage of my chocolate relationship with the company. If I’m working on something and need to clear my head, I’ll take a walk down the hall to the factory and taste something. The amazing girls that run the tours even make me a drink when they have a chance. The Old World Hot Chocolate gets me through the morning.  I feel so bad asking, but they’re all so nice and don’t mind filling me in on what’s fresh off the product line. I’m really into the Dark Chocolate Truffles. Like I said, I’m not a chocoholic but I imagine by the holiday season I’ll be taking in chocolate straight through the veins.