Be Warned – We’re Talking Serious Chocolate Covered Nuts and Raisins Here!

It’s Saturday and we’re working over here at the Chocolate Factory. Thankfully, the phones are ringing and people are starting to shake off the recession gloom and get in the holiday spirit. They just seem a little more upbeat and positive and that always makes for good vibes when we all feed off each others emotions. And with that, I’m going to wax poetic for a moment about an item I’ve really come to love this holiday season. It’s a new item that I first started to notice in the Fall when we introduced the autumn version. Then, it was a pumpkin shape which was nice but for the holidays, it’s a beautiful indigo star with bright yellow, green and white designs on it. But that’s just the outside. It’s what’s inside that I love.

Being that it’s call the Nuts and Raisin Star, you can totally guess what’s inside. Yup, nuts and raisins. Almonds to be exact and Franny’s raisins, for those that are raisin aficionados (if there is such a thing and I’m certain there is.)

First, let me tell you about the almonds. They started out as simply lovely roasted almonds but they’re panned (covered) in rich, dark chocolate – Lake Champlain Chocolates rich, dark chocolate. And they’re just delicious. Not waxy. Not tasteless. Delicious.

Then there are the raisins. You can tell me you don’t like chocolate covered raisins and I believe you because based on what I’ve had for chocolate covered raisins growing up, I didn’t like them much either. But honestly, it wasn’t the idea of the chocolate covered raisin I disliked. It was what I had access to. They always seemed dry, hard and like a rubber eraser with chocolatey goop that balled up in your mouth when you ate them. I haven’t led you astray yet and I’m not about to now. These are nothing like that.

For starters, Franny’s Raisins are touted as the largest raisins going (along with being organic). They’re huge. In fact, you could almost mistake them for the almonds as most of them are the same size as the almonds once they’re covered in chocolate. The difference is these are panned in Lake Champlain Chocolates milk chocolate so while they look just like the almonds, they’re lighter in color making them easy to pick out. Combine this big, plump raisin with fresh, gourmet milk chocolate and you will most likely change your mind about chocolate covered raisins forever. Seriously, you’ve got to trust me on this.

Now, to get back to the Nuts and Raisin Star, the almonds and raisins are packed into this beautiful star shaped box that has a clear window on the front so you can see it’s yummy contents and it’s finished off with a green bow. The design makes it festive but not specific to any particular holiday and it’s Star D Kosher. And at $12, it’s the perfect gift no matter what holiday you celebrate.

OK. I’m done. Thank you for indulging me. Considering I just ate an entire one, I felt it deserved a few kind words. Happy Saturday!

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