An Entry from a Chocolate Intern

Once again during my college experience, I am doomed to revisit the “freshman fifteen.” Well, to put it lightly, as the newest intern for Lake Champlain Chocolates, I am destined to the “chocolate fifteen.” First indication of destination “chocolate fifteen” came from my mother, who instead of congratulating me for my new position exclaimed “be ready to gain weight this semester.” Gee, thanks Mom. 

However, unlike my “freshman fifteen,” which directly resulted from the consumption of unpleasant microwavable macaroni and late night snacking, my “chocolate fifteen” weight gain will result from a mouth-pleasing experience of over-indulging in Vermont’s finest chocolates.  Mmm Chocolate. My first experience with Lake Champlain Chocolates occurred at the internship fair held by my college. I can still remember the perfect packaging that held that beautiful piece of dark chocolate. It was love at first sight!  And yes, after the first bite I was hooked.  I am proud to report that I have become a full-blown chocoholic who truthfully could not care less about the “chocolate fifteen.” 

I mean who has the opportunity to work in a chocolate factory every day?  Not many!  It’s a childhood dream, a fantasy.  I have never been more pleased with the opportunity to indulge in so many tasty concoctions as available at Lake Champlain Chocolates. The delicious cappuccino filled milk chocolate truffles are to die for.  I am also impressed with the delightful taste of the Aztec Chocolate Squares. 

So that brings us back to where am I on my “chocolate fifteen” gain?  Nowhere!  I am somewhat happy to report that when I bring home any form of Lake Champlain Chocolate, it does not last long.  I am able to enjoy a reasonable couple of pieces each day before yet another new chocolate enthusiast, my boyfriend, comes home only to soon reveal the bottom of my candy jar.  (Like me, he also indulges without fear of the “chocolate fifteen.”)

At last thought, my boyfriend’s love for chocolate will inevitably make my Valentine’s Day shopping extremely easy.  I mean, what guy does not enjoy great tasting chocolate?  My dilemma no longer is choosing a gift he will love, but rather deciding which of the satisfying choices of Lake Champlain Chocolate to give him.  He likes them all.