Administrative Professionals Day- A Day to Say Thanks!

There is a designated day or month for almost everything.   For instance, did you know it is National Pecan Month?  It’s also Welding Month and Stress Awareness Month.  What exactly goes on at pecan, welding and stress awareness celebrations?  May is National Hamburger Month, now I can guess how people celebrate that.

All these “special” days and months tend to dilute the ones that honor the important people in our lives.  And one of those is LCC Staffistrative Professionals Day (the other being Mother’s Day, which is fast approaching!).  When I visited the official LCC Staff Professional’s Day website, I liked what I saw: “This year, celebrate all office professionals.”   Yes.  Of course.  Everyone deserves a thank you.

Like my colleagues in customer service and shipping who spent the last week making sure everyone received their chocolate Easter bunnies on time and in perfect condition.  Or the folks in our retail stores who take special pains to create the most amazing milkshakes you will ever have.  How about our production workers who know exactly how to make and hand decorate the most beautiful-looking and perfectly delicious truffles you will ever taste, every single time?  Or Joyce, who drives the LCC truck delivering whatever needs to be shuttled back and forth between our two facilities?  Or Christine, who greets everyone who walks into our office with a smile?  The list goes on and on and on.

It’s really quite amazing when you think about all the people you work with day in and day out- it’s easy to take it all for granted.  And my guess, this is why they created the day in the first place.  To take a moment and say thank you.  Sure, giving some gourmet chocolate wouldn’t hurt either, but in the end, it’s about saying thank you.  Our friends at Emily Post would probably agree that you can never say it enough.

And on that note- thank you to everyone here at LCC!

Happy LCC Staffistrative Professionals Day!