A Tribute to the Flavor of Vermont

Maple sugaring season is about to hit high gear.  Here in Vermont we don’t rely on Punxsutawney Phil to tell us whether we’ll have an early spring, we look to the maple sugar makers.  When the sap starts to run, it’s a sure sign spring is around the corner.  Sugarmakers (as they are called) look for sunny days and cool nights to get the sap to run and if we’re lucky, this usually starts happening sometime in early March.

Back in the day, horses would pull a wagon through the woods to gather the metal buckets hanging on the maple trees. These days, you’re more likely to see a tractor pulling a wagon or even tubing running from tree to tree through the woods filled with sap that leads directly to the sugar shack.  However it gets there, the sap always ends up in the sugarshack.  Gathering together in the sugarshack to watch the sap boil is a time-honored tradition in Vermont that people look forward to each year. 

So what does all this nostalgic maple syrup talk have to do with gourmet chocolate?  Everyone knows maple syrup is great on pancakes, in oatmeal, and as sugar candy but how many people have ever thought to combine it with chocolate?  LCC was founded on the principle that we wanted to create flavors that reflected our beautiful state.  And what flavor says Vermont more than maple syrup? 

One of the first chocolates created here was our Maple Crunch.  Using real maple syrup from a neighbor of LCC founder Jim Lampman, we created a butter crunch using maple syrup and surrounded it with dark chocolate.  As a finishing touch, a local artisan designed a stunning mold of a maple leaf so the chocolate would not only be beautiful but tell the story of its flavor.

Maple crunch continues to be one of our most popular flavors and is completely unique to LCC.  Who else uses pure maple syrup in their chocolates?  Still made by hand as they were almost 30 years ago, Maple Crunch reflects the values of our company, probably better than any other chocolate we have: our commitment to using fresh, local ingredients to create luxurious, all-natural chocolates right here in the state of Vermont.