A Sweet – and Meaningful- Valentine’s Day

Lake Champlain Chocolates is honored to take part in a Valentine’s Chocolate and Wine Tasting event at Hudson Terrace in New York City on February 11th.
The event will celebrate the launch of the Global Giving Circle’s Global Cocoa Project where you can indulge yourself by sampling incredible and interesting wine-infused chocolates, Coconut Almond raw vegan chocolate, chocolate martinis, a chocolate crepe station, chocolate specialty cocktails, dessert wines, rieslings, a champagne bar and…. well, you get the idea- there is going to be lots and lots of amazing chocolates and drinks to try!
You can also buy Valentine’s Day chocolates and gifts at the event or online, with proceeds going to the Global Cocoa Project, making your purchase that much sweeter!
The Global Cocoa Project is a collaborative initiative produced by Project Hope & Fairness and the Global Giving Circle. The goal is to provide cocoa farmers around the world with the tools they need to improve the quality of their cocoa production. Additionally, they will be providing basic needs such as wells and sanitation systems, which will radically impact the daily lives of the farmers and their families. The project also aims to educate Americans about the realities of the cocoa industry and leverage the power of knowledgeable, concerned consumers to help make cocoa growing a profitable and sustainable occupation.
For more information please visit: http://www.globalgivingcircle.org/globalcocoaproject