A Slice of Chocolate Heaven

Did you hear that? That was the sound of our catalog dropping.
At least that’s the lingo we use around here.

What does that mean to you? 
It means that the new LCC catalog with the luscious sea salt caramels on the cover should be arriving in your mailbox any day, if it hasn’t already.

With all the junk, excuse me, mail, we get, the LCC catalog is a like a little slice of chocolate heaven coming into your day, and I can’t imagine many of you would complain about that.

We’ve talked before about all that goes into creating this catalog- the photoshoot, the food styling, the props, the copy—this is no small endeavor.  And while most people order their chocolate via the web, there is still something so satisfying and delightful about getting a beautifully photographed and designed catalog that you can sit down and leaf through…at least we think so (even though we may be a bit biased).

You’ll see some of your old favorites like our handmade truffles, chocolate gift baskets and chocolate party favors, but there is some new stuff in there you’ll want to check out—like the Chocolate Tower and a stunning new Chocolates of Vermont giftbox and the Revel Chocolates (which you heard about Lauren talk about a couple weeks ago).

So when the catalog arrives, take a moment to savor (or drool, it’s ok) over our chocolates. We’ll be here ready to take your order whenever the mood strikes!  Just give us a call at 800-465-5909 or go online and we’ll have them to you in no time!