A Salty-Sweet Valentine

Christmas and New Year’s are behind us now, so what is next on the docket for LCC? Valentine’s Day, of course. So, this month we wanted to highlight one of our newest holiday products, the Salty Sweet Heart Throb.

Now, before we get into the new, let’s rewind. The heart throb we’ve all come to know was a shell-molded heart with our classic raspberry filling piped inside. This ultra classic has stuck with Lake Champlain Chocolates since the very beginning of the company and has probably won over many a Valentine since its debut. Weighing in at 5.25 oz. and measuring about 4 inches in diameter at its widest point, the heart throb was our biggest way of saying “I love you” all wrapped in one piece.

Taking its place will be the Salty Sweet Heart Throb with milk chocolate, sea salt, and almonds. At the same size, it looks the same as its parent product, but on the inside it’s a whole new personality. It is a solid product with inclusions, much like the flat signature chocolate bars. It has a youthful, almost trendy feel, tapping into the salt craze and comfort food movement.

Now, how does it all come together?  First, a heap of dry roasted almonds and greek sea salt is mixed with our signature milk chocolate. Next, each heart mold is carefully filled and expertly leveled off to create the piece. All the while the chocolate mixture is churning on a wheel to keep everything evenly mixed and tempered. After they’re allowed to set up fully in our chilly cooling room, each one is carefully removed from its nesting place and lined up on sheet trays to wait for packaging. Once there, the hearts are hand-packaged with love. Everything from the foil wrapping to the final tie of the bow is done by one of our friends. Each piece connects with the people who had a hand in making it all happen.

I think the heart throb would be a piece best shared amongst you and a loved one. You can eat it however you like, split it however you like, and enjoy it wherever you like on that very special day.