A Little Ditty About Summer Shipping

(goes to the tune of Grease’s Summer Nights)

Summer Shipping, it comes up so fast
Summer Shipping, like summer’s past
Send some chocolates, you want to so bad
Send some chocolates, your friends will be glad
Summer Shipping, worth every cent
And uh, oh that cocoa is right!

(Uh Well-a, well-a, well-a, uh!)
(Tell me more, tell me more)
(What if I live real close?)
(Tell me more, tell me more)
(Like can I buy some coins?)

Temps are arising, it’s getting hot
The sun is shining, ready or not
We’ll send you some chocolate, but its gotta go Air
We want it to be solid when it gets there
Summer shipping, it’s kind of a pain,
And uh oh, those dark chocolate bites!

(Uh Well-a, well-a, well-a, uh!)
(Tell me more, tell me more)
(You guys are so nice!)
(Tell me more, tell me more)
(Do you include ice?)

Sending chocolate in summer months
Its gotta get there almost at once
In just one day,
so the ice won’t melt away
And uh, do those Caramels delight!

(Tell me more, tell me more)
(Is it really worth it?)
(Tell me more, tell me more)
(Oh you bet it is!)

It costs a bit more, yes this is true
But we promise, we’ll do our best to get it to you
Totally solid, delicious and good
Even better than our competitors could!
So give it a shot, it’s really hot
And uh, oh those Truffles are nice!

(Tell me more, tell me more)
(How much do I have to spend?)
(Tell me more, tell me more)
(Can I send to my friend?)

It’ll turn colder, and that’s where it ends
But I tell you, if you still want to send
Give us a call, while its still hot
It’s always worth it, if its chocolate you want!
Summer Shipping will be over so fast
And uh, oh that bark is the best!


The first phase of summer shipping begins on Monday, May 9th.  We don’t like it when you pay for chocolates and they don’t arrive in the same condition we send them in, which is why we required expedited summer shipping during the warm months.  Until June 1st, all chocolate shipped outside of New England will need to go 2nd Day Air.  After June 1st, it’ll need to go Next Day Air.  Please call 1(800)465-5909 or see our shipping information with any questions.  We hope you enjoyed our little tune.