A Facebook Wedding

Today it seems like you can do just about anything on Facebook…share with your BFF's and distant acquaintances "the top 5 things you can't live without", join a virtual Mafia war and work your way up the criminal ranks, find out exactly how many 80's movies you can name, and which Godfather character you are….the list goes on and on.  Well now, just when you thought it couldn't possibly get any better, you can even plan your very own wedding without leaving the comforts of your favorite social networking site!  Wahoo!  Yup, it's a Bridezilla's dream come true.

Our good friends over at The Knot have an application on Facebook called Weddingbook – has anyone tried it yet?  It's great!  With it you can create a wedding profile and share all the details about your big day with your Facebook friends.  You can share as little or as much as you want…including engagement photos, who is in your bridal party, and links to your wedding website and where you're registered.  You can also have friends sign your guest book and (this one could be my favorite) add a wedding countdown clock.  And if you're still in the planning stages (by the way, does anyone know exactly when that ends?  Five minutes before you walk down the aisle?), you can also use Weddingbook to search for vendors in your area (hint hint…look for Lake Champlain Chocolates under "Favors" in Vermont!).

Our buddies over at WeddingWire.com have also created a Facebook application that allows you to search for local wedding vendors (and yup, you can find us on there too!  Make sure to keep your eye out for the special promotion).  In addition, you can also create your very own wedding blog within Facebook using their application.  WeddingWire has blog categories that will guide your entire wedding story, from the ring to the cake, from the dress to your wedding party.  They've made it pretty simple & fun to share your wedding details with loved ones.

So if you're about to say "I Do", please be sure to check out these two great applications next time you log onto Facebook.  And as long as your there, you might as well head on over to the official Lake Champlain Chocolates page too and become a fan!