A Day in the life of a Lake Champlain Chocolates Sales Rep.

It probably sounds like a dream to get to travel the country selling gourmet chocolate day after day.  And most days, it truly is a phenomenally rewarding job that brings you to unexpected places where you meet interesting chocolate fanatics.  There are days, however, when it’s not as glamorous as it may seem.

What is the best part of being a sales rep?
– Seeing LCC in far flung places, from Kalamazoo, MI to Charleston, SC.
– A social worker saying, “I buy 3 of your Peppermint Crunch bars a day to get through listening and helping people.”
– Entering a store after traveling for 8 hours for an appointment and hearing “I love Lake Champlain Chocolates, you are the best!”  
– Seeing 21 bars of LCC in a major retailer, and our competition with only 3 or 4 bars.  
– Knowing what you are selling makes people happy!
– Getting to see all of the cultural differences while traveling; from southern hospitality to every person on the streets of Pittsburgh wearing Steelers jerseys for an exhibition game in August. 
– Eating great chocolate with a lot of diverse personalities.

What are the worst things about being a rep?

– Really hot days when traveling with product.   You have to treat it like travelling with a baby (don’t leave it unattended outside or in the car!).
– Getting stuck in JFK airport during a blizzard, having to take a train to Penn Station, another train to Albany, taking a taxi to Albany Airport, renting a car from Albany Airport and driving it to Burlington, Vermont.
– Not seeing my wife and son for 5 days.
– Having an appointment with a customer at a specific time, having travelled all day from Vermont only to find they decided to take the day off and not tell you.
– Eating alone in a strange city.
– Sitting in traffic.

Describe one of your most memorable sales calls
– Being served a breakfast of fresh fruit and muffins poolside at the home of a customer along with her 3 Bulldogs.
– Sitting in a conference room in a skyscraper in Seattle on a perfect blue-sky day taking in views of the Puget Sound and Safeco Field.

A typical day in the life of a Traveling LCC sales person. IF (and only IF!) all flight connections go as planned and weather is fine.
4am wake up
6am flight
8am flight
10:30am rental car, check emails and messages.
11am sales call
Sit in traffic
12:30pm sales call
Sit in traffic
1:30pm sales call, check emails and messages.
3pm sales call
Sit in traffic longer
4:30pm sales call, check emails and messages
Sit in traffic a really long time depending on location of hotel and construction/accidents.
6:00pm Hotel check-in
6:30pm Whole Foods Take Out/Prepared Food Bar Dinner
7:30pm Say goodnight on the phone to 2 year old son who doesn’t want to talk to you.
8:00pm  Enter orders taken into laptop throughout the day, schedule follow ups.
8:30pm Talk to wife about why 2 year old son does not want to talk to Dad.
8:45pm Finish entering orders.  Enter notes into contact management system, schedule follow ups.
9:30pm  Wondering why can’t fall asleep. Watch bad TV. Read emails. Review notes from the day and what the next day brings.