8 Ways To Use our Chocolate Turkeys This Thanksgiving

A turkey at Thanksgiving is more than just a tradition, it’s almost mandatory. Fortunately, we’ve expanded your scope of turkeys and their uses by adding our chocolate versions to the mix. We have milk and dark placesetting turkeys as well as a centerpiece turkey, and they all look lovely on a table setting at Thanksgiving, but we’ve also been able to find a few other ways in which you might also try using our chocolate turkeys this Thanksgiving:

Chocolate Turkeys on a Plate

1. Start the meal off with a chocolate turkey: Instead of getting angry at grandpa for “tasting” the mashed potatoes one too many times, give him a chocolate turkey to tie him over. A little chocolate can go a long way to help to warm your palate before the feast!

2. When you bring out the real turkey, give a chocolate turkey to your vegetarian guests. Nobody should be without turkey on Thanksgiving!

Turkey Dessert Topper

3. Make our turkeys your dessert-toppers! What happier place could there be for a few turkeys than on top of a Pumpkin Pie or in the midst of scaling an ice cream mountain?

4. Can’t be with all of your loved ones on Thanksgiving? Let them know you’re thinking of them: send them a turkey in the mail.

5. Hold a Thanksgiving Turkey Coloring Party (with or without children) with Edible Food Coloring Markers.

Snowman vs Turkeys

6. Stage an Epic Battle Between our Centerpiece Turkey and our 2.5 Pound Santa. Get creative. Make a backdrop and film it. Let us know who wins!

7. Have you been invited to a friend’s place for your Thanksgiving feast? Don’t bring a bottle of wine or a pumpkin pie! Bring a set of chocolate turkeys to your gathering! It’s original and you can be sure it will be a crowd pleaser.

8. Hide a few away for stocking stuffers. Yes, our chocolate snowmen are awfully cute, but I’m sure there are a few animal lovers out there who would rather get a turkey! And pure milk chocolate keeps for 16 months (dark chocolate lasts for 20), so no worries on that front!

Chocolate Turkeys and Chocolate Snowmen

Whatever you do with our turkeys this Thanksgiving, they are a great tradition to have, and infusing a little Vermont (and Turkey, and Chocolate) charm into your Thanksgiving festivities is sure to be a success!