2 Surefire (Free) Ways To Learn About Chocolate

OK, OK, you already know about chocolate. You know what you like. You know what you don't like. But there's always room to learn more, isn't there? Well, I have the perfect opportunities for you to expand your knowledge and treat your tastebuds and guess what – they’re totally free. Yup, free.

Lake Champlain Chocolates will be hosting two Chocolate Tastings in June –  one in Stowe, VT as part of the Vermont Culinary Classic and one at our Waterbury, VT location.

Let me begin with the first one in Stowe. This event will take place Monday, June 16 at the Stowe Free Library beginning at 7:00 and will take folks on a journey from the cocoa tree to the chocolate bar – how cocoa beans grow, how they’re harvested, how they’re processed and how they become this wonderful treat we all crave. Afterwards, attendees will be treated to a flight of chocolate ranging in cocoa contents and learn the intimate details of each chocolate's profile. Imaging a wine tasting but with chocolate. Mmmm.

The second tasting event in June takes place Saturday, June 21 from noon until 4pm at our retail location on Route 100 in Waterbury, VT where visitors will be treated to a sampling of chocolates including our Milk Chocolate, Milk Chocolate Triple Nut, Sao Thome 70% dark and our Tanzania 75% dark. While sampling, our staff will be on hand to answer questions about how our chocolates are made, what do these cocoa content percentages mean and any other chocolate question you might have. Sure, we don't have all the answers but honestly, who does?! 

So, consider this your official invite to either or both of these events. It's fun, it's educational, it's tasty, it's free and it's all ages. Phew! What more could you want?