17th Annual Vermont Brewers Festival

It's finally here!  The Vermont Brewers Festival is one of my favorite Burlington summer events.  If you haven't gone before, it's a definite must.  This year, the Festival will feature 37 craft brewers from all around New England and even one from California.  And because this year marks Lake Champlain's 400th anniversary, a few of our friends up north from the La Belle province, Quebec will also be on hand showcasing their finest brews.  The Festival takes place at the Burlington Waterfront Park, with three beer tasting sessions for you to choose from – one on Friday, July 17th and two on Saturday, July 18th.

Do you still need another reason to go?  Well once again, Lake Champlain Chocolates will be hosting a Chocolate & Beer Pairing during the Friday session (from 7:15-7:45pm).  Gary Coffey, our Retail Sales Director, will be leading the event.  While I can't divulge exactly which chocolates & beers he'll be pairing, I can tell you that all the beers will be from right here in Vermont.

Capacity for this event is limited, so we recommend you get there a little bit early.

Hope to see you at the Waterfront!

P.S. Don't worry, if you can't make it to the event, we'll be posting the pairing notes here on our blog.  Perhaps you can use them to host your own tasting party!