Fresh All Natural Chocolates from Vermont

From Cocoa Bean to Chocolate Bar

See Chocolate Made From Scratch with Blue Bandana Chocolate Maker

Burlington, VT – Crankenstein. Refiner. Winnower. Sour. Spicy. Earthy. Fruity. What do these things have to do with chocolate? Gourmet chocolate maker Lake Champlain Chocolates (LCC) presents a rare opportunity to see chocolate being made “from bean to bar” on Saturday, October 20, from 12:00 to 4:00pm, at the company’s Factory and Retail Store at 750 Pine Street in Burlington.

Blue Bandana Chocolate Maker, a new branded product line of LCC, is coming to life based on the principles of quality, transparency, taste of place, and the craft of making chocolate. Making chocolate from scratch with only a handful of ingredients, Eric Lampman, second-generation chocolate maker at family-owned LCC, will use table-top equipment (like a crankenstein) to demonstrate how raw cocoa beans are transformed into finished chocolate.

“Hand-sorting, roasting, winnowing, and grinding beans in their purest forms reveals the flavors of each origin and shows how unique cacao can be,” says Eric Lampman, founder of Blue Bandana. “Seeing how chocolate is actually made is eye-opening for most people. It’s both an art and a science.”

Slow Food Vermont, whose philosophy focuses on experiencing all five senses when eating food, will be on hand to guide participants through a sensory journey while tasting the three new Blue Bandana dark chocolate bars: Madagascar 70% Dark Chocolate, Guatemala 70% Dark Chocolate, and Madagascar 70% Wild Pepper Dark Chocolate.

“Guatemala 70% and Madagascar 70% may sound similar on paper, but your taste buds will tell you differently,” says Lampman. “Having Slow Food at the event will help participants identify, evaluate, and describe the nuanced and complex elements of these distinctive origin chocolates.”

Blue Bandana is about celebrating bean-to-bar chocolate — the true expression of origin flavors, American craftsmanship, and the nurturing of direct farmer relationships.

“After two years of development, I’m thrilled to be able to share these new chocolates and introduce Blue Bandana Chocolate Maker to the local LCC customers,” says Lampman.


Blue Bandana Chocolate Maker is a micro-batch branded product line of Lake Champlain Chocolates (LCC) founded on the principles of quality, transparency, taste of place, and the craft of making chocolate. Inspired by his first trip to a cocoa farm in 2009, founder Eric Lampman delved into the chocolate process and began experimenting with test batches to perfect the basics. After experimenting with cocoa beans from six different countries, Lampman settled on three exceptional chocolates: Madagascar 70%, Guatemala 70%, and Madagascar Wild Pepper. They are made from scratch using only cocoa beans, organic cocoa butter, and organic cane sugar. Each 2.3 oz bar is a representation of Lampman’s personal mission to craft the finest chocolates while celebrating the unique taste of the earth native to each cacao’s landscape. The vegan chocolate bars are currently available at LCC’s three Vermont retail stores — on Church Street and Pine Street in Burlington, and on Route 100 in Waterbury Center.

Slow Food Vermont, a local chapter of Slow Food International, is dedicated to “creating community through the celebration of good, clean and fair food — locally and globally.” The non-profit, member-supported association is active throughout the state promoting sustainable agriculture, educational workshops, and tasting events, including a successful eight-week series at the Intervale Center this past summer.

Lake Champlain Chocolates offers sweet indulgences that capture the essence of Vermont, the tradition of making fine chocolate, and the pride that goes into each bite. Preservative-free and kosher-certified, LCC chocolates are crafted in small batches from the finest quality chocolate and select natural ingredients including local Vermont cream, sweet butter, maple syrup, and honey. LCC chocolates are available online at, toll-free at 1-800-465-5909, as corporate gifts and wedding favors, at three company-owned retail stores in Vermont, and nationwide at specialty food and gift stores and upscale hotels and inns.