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Lake Champlain Chocolates and Long Trail Brewery Team up to Create Limited Edition Chocolate Bar for the 2013 Burlington Discover Jazz Festival

All Profits to Benefit the FlynnArts Lake Champlain Chocolates Youth in Jazz Scholarship

Burlington, VT
– Chocolate. Beer. Jazz. What happens when you combine all three? The Bebop Hop Chocolate Bar! To celebrate the 2013 Burlington Discover Jazz Festival, festival sponsors Lake Champlain Chocolates (LCC) and Long Trail Brewing Company joined forces to create this limited-edition chocolate bar.

“After last year’s successful Boom Bam Bourbon Pecan Chocolate Experience Bar, we asked fellow sponsor Long Trail Brewery to collaborate with us on a flavor for this year’s bar,” says Cathy Wisloski, LCC’s Marketing Director. “We are continually inspired by the local food and beverage producers in Vermont and are always looking to combine ingredients in new ways to create something truly distinctive.”

The Bebop Hop chocolate bar certainly achieves this with a hop-infused, deep malty caramel covered in a silky blend of milk and dark chocolate. LCC’s Research and Development Specialist Lauren Deitsch and Long Trail Brewmaster Dave Hartmann explain the process of using Long Trail’s raw ingredients for making beer to create a finished chocolate confection.

“While touring the LCC factory, we observed the caramelizing process,” says Hartmann. “And I thought it would be interesting to try caramelizing some concentrated malt extract, what we brewers call ‘wort,’ a house-made ingredient used in making our beers.”

“By boiling down the malt extract into a syrup, we were able to use this as a sweetener in our caramel,” explains Deitsch. “Add in Cascade hops and the result is a chocolate bar with a heady aroma reminiscent of Long Trail beers. This was a true collaboration and the end product, with flavor notes of citrus fruit, grassy herbs and malted caramel, balanced with a sweet blend of chocolate, is incomparable.”

“Malt and hops are the basic building blocks of beer,” continues Hartmann. “We concentrated the best part of the malt (the sweet extract) and the best part of the hops (the wonderful aromas) to create an intense burst of malty, hoppy, chocolaty deliciousness.”

“Like the style of music that inspired this creation, the Bebop Hop bar represents a harmonious fusion between the craft of creating amazing chocolates and the craft of brewing fine ales,” said Jed Nelson, Director of Brand Marketing at Long Trail. “The flavor profile of this bar is extraordinary. LCC and Long Trail have really pushed the boundaries here and created something unique and full of flavor.”

All profits from the sale of the bar will benefit the FlynnArts “LCC Youth in Jazz Scholarship,” providing performing arts education for young musicians, as well as the FlynnArts Jazz programs. Priced at $4.00, the Bebop Hop bar is non-alcoholic and will be available for purchase from May 20 to June 9. It can be found at Lake Champlain Chocolates’ retail locations on Church Street and Pine Street in Burlington and on Route 100 in Waterbury Center, online at and at the Long Trail Visitor Center in Bridgewater Corners, VT. The Bebop Hop will also be available at the Flynn Center concessions during the festival.


About Lake Champlain Chocolates
A pioneer in the American chocolate movement, Lake Champlain Chocolates is a family-owned company located in Burlington, Vermont. In 1983, Jim Lampman declared he would create upscale American chocolates that would “rival the Belgians.”  Almost 30 years later, the Lampman family has done just that, by introducing European flavors and tastes using local, Vermont ingredients and by taking a craftsman’s approach to chocolate: creativity, patience and mastery. This level of care and craft leads to chocolates that win high praise, year after year, from customers and industry experts alike. Lake Champlain Chocolates are hand made by people who are passionate about their work; products include chocolate bars, as well as the best-selling Five Star Bars, truffles, caramels, gift assortments and gourmet hot chocolate and are available online, nationwide at specialty food and gift stores, such as Whole Foods Market, upscale hotels and inns, and at their three company-owned stores in Vermont.

About Long Trail Brewing Company
The Long Trail Brewing Company has a proud tradition in its 24 year history in Vermont and produces the number one selling craft beer in the state. The company prides itself on its award-winning beers, constant innovation, industry-leading environmental initiatives, and maintaining a healthy and happy workforce. The Long Trail Brewing Company Visitors Center and Pub is located in Bridgewater Corners, VT, and is open 7 days a week from 10-7, and serves lunch from 11-6.